14 Roku Apps I Just DELETED

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I do a lot of videos about which Roku apps to download. Today, it’s about which apps I’m deleting. Because frankly, my Roku menu has gotten a bit out of hand. And not every app will be expected, either. Yes, there are some easy choices. But when I delete Stirr? Or Locast? Controversial choices!

0:00 – Getting started
1:05 – Pandora
2:00 – USA, Bravo, MTV
2:33 – XITE
3:03 – Baby Boomer Cartoons
3:39 – Xumo, Stirr
4:29 – Crackle, Vudu
5:30 – Eater
6:10 – Kabillion
6:49 – Nosey, Locast


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