$200/Hour Pressure Washing Business (17+ Years and Still Going Strong)

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Most people buy equipment when they start a business. Allen Cox used his mechanical design skills to build his own—and not just any pressure washer, either. It’s the largest truck in town, letting him do more work without adding more workers, a big reason his pressure washing business is so successful.

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Accolades Pressure Washing isn’t Allen’s first go in the power washing business. He sold his first business for a tidy profit—then decided to give the industry another go after learning the new owner had grown to more than $1 million in annual revenue. In today’s video, we’ll learn how to start a pressure washing business from someone who’s done it twice with great results.

Allen knew Accolades would need to stand out from the competition to be successful. His unique equipment helped here, but it’s not the only place they excel.

The reliability and quality of their service is what keeps their customers coming back, and has kept them in business for 17 years. We’ll get Allen’s tips on providing a great customer experience and what he sees as the most important factors that give a business long-term viability.

Starting a power washing business doesn’t take a ton of money and experience (you definitely don’t need to build your own tools as Allen did!). We’ll hear straight from a power washing expert what skills and knowledge are most helpful for starting a pressure washing business, how got his first customers, and what unexpected challenges you might face as a new business owner.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a pressure washing business, this video will answer a lot of your questions! You can learn more about Accolades Pressure Washing online at https://accoladespw.com.

For more info on starting your own pressure washing business, visit our blog: https://www.upflip.com/blog

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0:00 Intro
1:27 Meeting Allen
3:37 Initial Investment
4:25 Profit Margins
5:45 Rig Rundown
7:16 Business Expenses
8:27 Breaking Even With Pressure Washing
9:26 Machine Rundown
10:47 Revenue Breakdown
12:08 Invoices
13:25 More Rig Rundown
15:10 The Customers
16:26 Why A Huge Rig Is Necessary
18:08 A Website and Advertising
19:30 Referrals
20:41 Everyday Tools
21:39 Price Range of Surface Cleaner
21:55 Growing A Pressure Washing Business
23:11 Blitz
24:28 Why Bigger is Better
25:54 Spray Guns
26:53 Commercial vs. Residential Pressure Washing
28:15 Creating More Pressure Washing Machines
28:53 How To Get Clients
30:02 Outro

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