25 Movies, 25 Days, $2,500 | Holiday Movie DREAM JOB

From Reviews.org.

For full terms and conditions, and to apply for the dream job, click here: https://www.reviews.org/tv-service/holiday-movie-dream-job/?kbid=123489

Reviews.org is hiring a Chief Holiday Cheermeister! The lucky person selected will watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days, after which they’ll get to declare once and for all the best holiday movie of all time! Oh, and they’ll also get $2,500 and a one-year subscription to a bunch of excellent streaming services. You’ve got until the 10:59 pm PST on December 4th to apply, and we’ll announce the dream job selectee during a livestream here on this channel on December 7th. So click that link above for more details, and share this video around!


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