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Not feeling attractive enough can be a source of insecurity.  But luckily being attractive is less dependent on genetics than many people think.

So in this video we’re not going to touch on things outside of your control.  Although genes do have an impact, you can make yourself more attractive with the way you dress, your attitude, and your actions. And for fun since season 5 of Lucifer comes out this week, we’ll use his character to show these attractive habits.  That said, we’re only going to include what will actually make you more attractive in real life, leaving out any scenes where his devil powers magically make women want him.


0:00 – Intro.
0:48 – #1: Lucifer has great style.
2:06 – #2: Flirting is about having fun.
4:46 – #3: Lucifer has an unshakeable confidence.

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