3 Reasons Why Netflix Will Be OK – Even With Disney+ Around

From Reviews.org.

A few weeks ago I talked about Netflix vs Disney+ and how #Netflix might be screwed. Maybe. Today I’m going to give you three reasons why, even in the age of #Disney+, Netflix should be okay. It’s a lot of fun these days to make fun of Netflix and say that they’re screwed now that Disney+ has hit the market. But are they? First, let me make it clear that there are good reasons to be concerned about Netflix’s fortunes long-term. I mean, for one thing, they’re twelve-and-a-half BILLION dollars in debt, and just announced that they want to take on 2 billion MORE in debt to fund original content creation. Gotta backfill the Office/Friends gap somehow, right?

But while it’s true that Disney+ will change — already HAS changed — the #streaming landscape, I’m not quite sure about the Netflix doomsday prophecies being pushed right now. I think they’re gonna be just fine, and I’ve got 3 reasons why.
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