5 Psychological Tricks Sociopaths Use To Manipulate You

From Charisma on Command.

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It’s scarily true that powerful psychological tricks can be used against us to make good people do bad things.

So in this video we’ll be looking at the realm of persuasion that some call brainwashing to explore the psychological tricks cults, sociopaths, and manipulative others use to make good people do bad things. Hopefully these red flags prevent you from falling victim, either in a toxic relationship or from a predatory organization.


1:59 – #1: Separating you and replacing the family unit.
4:38 – #2: Lingo that disguises what is truly happening.
6:11 – #3: They demonize the asking of questions that threaten their authority.
8:11 – #4: Games or tests that reward obedience.
9:29 – #5: Your own desire to be fair is often used against you.

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