7 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature

From Charisma on Command.

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Emotional maturity creates strength and resilience in the face of life’s obstacles, but pinning down what emotional maturity looks like and how it’s developed can be hard to do.

In this video we’re going to cover 7 specific signs that you’re emotionally mature, and if not, 7 things you can do to begin working on it.

Animation by Zeino:


0:16 – #1: Emotionally mature people do not demonize exes.
0:48 – #2: Recognize that they contribute to bad experience.
1:43 – #3: Do not take responsibility for other people’s feelings.
2:38 – #4: Get angry, sad and anxious.
3:27 – #5: Don’t need to dwell or wallow.
4:02 – #6: Can speak about emotions without getting emotional.
4:31 – #7: Can pause.

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