7 Things Your Body Language Says About You

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You probably know that your body language says a lot about you, but what you might not know is what it’s saying all the time.

That’s why in this video, I thought it might be fun to cover 7 things that your body language at some point is telling other people, so that you can come across as more confident and likeable.


0:23 – Sign #1: Scanning the room: You come across as boring
1:32 – Sign #2: Not letting people interrupt: Singles you out as a leader
2:59 – Sign #3: Leaning against something: You are the centre point
4:06 – Sign #4: Having your hands in your pockets: Signals nervousness
4:29 – Sign #5: Using precise and open gestures: You seem more confident
5:15 – Sign #6: Hanging your head: It makes the problem seem worse
6:27 – Sign #7: The eyebrow flash: Communicates friendliness

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