8-bit computer build: Connecting the bus

From Ben Eater.

In this video, we’ll first build a simple 8-bit register to store the contents of the computer’s output. Then we put everything we’ve built so far together. Everything is tied together through the common bus and common clock signal.

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See https://eater.net/bbcpu8-output-register and https://eater.net/bbcpu8-bus for more.

Additional parts for the output register:
– 1x 74LS273 (Octal D flip-flop with clear)
– 1x 74LS08 (Quad 2-input AND gate)
You could also use two 74LS137s like

Additional parts for the bus
– 8x 10kΩ resistors
– 8x LEDs
– Lots of breadboards, wire, and patience 🙂