A Philips Boombox that’s ashamed of the cassette

From Techmoan.

If you want a new stereo cassette ‘boombox’ in 2020 there are very few options. If it was left up to ‘Philips’ you wouldn’t even know this one existed.
Available from:
EBAY UK: https://ebay.to/2ByxPFa (AFFILIATED LINK)
EBAY DE: https://ebay.to/3hKOFAh (AFFILIATED LINK)
Argos UK https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3375622

00:00 Fake Gran wants a boombox
01:51 Where’s the cassette?
04:24 Here it is
07:48 Tape
10:30 DAB Radio
13:45 Specs
15:05 CD
15:49 Bluetooth
16:20 MP3
18:05 Wow & Flutter
20:10 Remote Control
21:08 Dynamic Bass Boost
21:35 Summary
22:27 Outro

*******FREQUENCY RESPONSE****** – It’s not about the tape – it’s about the player….

The reason there is no bass for the tapes is due to the frequency response of the cassette deck – see 13min 38secs Cassette tape reproduction is stated in the specs as having a frequency response of 125-8000Hz – this is far narrower than the other components.

For a reference to compare this against a familiar tape deck – the first Sony Walkman from 1979 – the TPS-L2 – that had a quoted frequency response of 40-12000Hz.

So that means the 1979 Sony Walkman could play back low frequency sounds that fell between 40hz to 125hz – that this device ignores.
That’s why the bass feels as though it’s missing – because it is actually missing.

Q) Isn’t the play key pointing the wrong way?
A) The play key indicates the direction the tape moves. In this machine as the cassette is inserted with the tape at the top – the tape will move from the right reel to the left as it plays – so the arrow points left. Same goes for the Rew & FF keys – they both point the way the tape travels if pressed.

Q) Why is there a picture of a cheese sandwich on screen at the beginning?
A) A while ago I coined the phrase ‘A cheese sandwich video’ to describe a simple video that’s exactly what it is and nothing more – just like a cheese sandwich is a sandwich containing cheese.

A cheese sandwich video is simpler video that doesn’t take weeks to assemble. It’s usually a brief demonstration of one item.

If you see a cheese sandwich image pop up at the start of a video – it’s a sign to expect a less complicated and elaborate video. Sometimes all a product needs (or deserves) is a simple demonstration – and that’s where the ‘cheese sandwich‘ video comes in.



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