A random record? You can bet on it.


From Techmoan.

A look at a Horse Racing game that uses Random ‘Sixteen Sided’ Records to determine the winner.

Wikipedia Article about multisided records https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multisided_record

If you’re wondering about how the odds for the races worked – there’s a series of odds sheets that are shuffled to randomise the odds for a race. There’s a load more stuff relating to odds and each way bets and what-have-you and they all combine to make this more like a maths exam than a fun game. I’m someone who has bet on horses plenty of times over the years but the way the rules for this game have been structured and explained just sound like gobbledegook.

Note: Only the first (1973) pressing of the Monty Python Record ‘Matching Tie & Handkerchief’ had a double spiral side B. Subsequent pressings had the two audio tracks stitched together sequentially. Apparently the album art I’ve grabbed for this video is of the US release that most likely won’t have a double spiral.

Q) Why are there comments from a week ago when this video has just gone live today?
A) Patrons usually have early access to videos. I’ll show the first version of a video on Patreon and often the feedback I get results in a video going through further revisions to improve it. e.g. Fix audio issues, clarify points, add extra footage or cut extraneous things out. The video that goes live on youtube is the final version.

Q) Why is there a picture of a cheese sandwich on screen at the beginning?
A) A while ago I coined the phrase ‘A cheese sandwich video’ to describe a simple video that’s exactly what it is and nothing more – just like a cheese sandwich is a sandwich containing cheese.

A cheese sandwich video is simpler video that doesn’t take weeks to assemble. It’s usually a brief demonstration of one item.

If you see the image pop up at the start of a video – it’s a sign to expect a less complicated and elaborate video. Sometimes all a product needs (or deserves) is a simple demonstration – and that’s where these kinds of videos fit in.

There’s nothing wrong with a cheese sandwich, but if you were expecting to get a steak dinner you might be disappointed if a cheese sandwich turns up. It’s all about setting expectations.



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*******Patrons usually have early access to videos*******

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