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Micaela Verón was just three when her mother Marita was abducted. She’s been missing ever since. Micaela’s childhood in Argentina was centered around the search for her. Now 19, she’s living alone for the first time — without police protection.

When Marita Verón disappeared in 2002, her abduction turned into a political issue in Argentina. She became a symbol in the fight against human trafficking and forced prostitution. Her daughter Micaela has lived in the shadow of this tragedy almost all her life, as has her grandmother Susana Trimarco, who still searches tirelessly for Marita. Susana is the co-founder of a burgeoning women’s movement in Argentina and has become a national icon. Micaela, however, is still learning to find her own way. She decided to leave her home city of Tucumán to be without her family and relatives. She started a new life in Córdoba, where the 19-year-old is now completely on her own for the first time. Micaela, whose face has been splashed across the news all of her life, wants to leave the past behind her and identify as something more than a victim. She finds support in her friend Mica, her dog Charly and the rise of feminism in Argentina.


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