Hello Friends,

Do you like to watch videos worth watching? I sure do. That is why I created mBlip. Basically mBlip follows various YouTube channels that cover a variety of topics. About once an hour, mBlip checks for new videos and embeds them so that you can watch them here.

“Couldn’t you just… you know… use YouTube?”

Well, yes, and I often do. The problem with YouTube is how the algorithm funnels you into wasting your time on videos not worth watching. Sometimes it even tries to lead you down a disinformation rabbit hole. Meanwhile mBlip is checking for new videos from high quality content creators every hour. When you visit mBlip, you will see those videos listed in reverse chronology with no annoying notifications or endless rabbit holes.

“So who is mBlip targeted at?”

I made mBlip for myself. I use it to watch videos almost every day when I want to relax, and I work on it as a hobby. So the numero uno target audience member is me. I regularly check the server logs to see how many visitors mBlip is getting and it looks like hundreds of other people like it too. I don’t know who any of you people are, but that’s just awesome! I’m glad you like it. 🙂

“Why do some of the channels appear to be less accessible?”

The front page contains the stuff I feel is the most “mBlipish”. Certain channels get excluded from the front page for various reasons, and some channels were added at the request of other viewers even though I felt like they didn’t really fit. I still try to make it fairly easy to find all the channels carried by mBlip on the “Categories and Channels” page.

“Wait a second… What about copyrights? How can this be legal?”

mBlip is absolutely 100% legal. Although constantly updating, YouTube’s terms of service are on generally on mBlip’s side. No one is exploiting any “loopholes” or doing anything shady. YouTube content providers agree to those terms, and they can even block their content from being embedded if that’s their desire. Everything is legit.

“But what are the moral implications of mBlip?”

It is true that mBlip creates a couple of cons for the YouTuber. People can’t like or subscribe directly from mBlip, video ads don’t show (but banner ads do), and the comment section is absent. It is also a case that if a YouTuber takes down a video, an echo of the video’s description might still remain on mBlip for about a month.

I don’t really like to play the “I’m doing them a favor”, or “I’m giving YouTubers ‘exposure'” cards, but mBlip provides a safe place for people with objections to some of YouTube’s practices. It gives people a way to watch regularly updated content while mitigating some of their exposure to the YouTube platform. When watching a video on mBlip, you are still using YouTube, just without all the distractions.

Morally, I can see some YouTubers not wanting their content featured on mBlip, because none of them have ever explicitly given consent for mBlip to feature their videos. I just want to reiterate that YouTube’s terms of service tells them up front that this is sort of thing is OK, but I understand if they still feel like it is not.

So why don’t I just ask their permission first? Because no one would ever say yes. Giving a stranger they have never met consent to use their stuff for free just feels like a bad idea. By not seeking explicit consent, YouTubers don’t owe me anything, and I don’t owe them anything either. Everyone is free to walk away.

“I represent or own a YouTube channel that you’re putting on your site, and I don’t like it.”

I am sorry if you feel this way. Please send me an email, and I will remove all references to your channel and the embedded videos from this site without complaint, and again, my most humble apologies.

Please understand, I am not featuring your videos to take advantage of you. I am featuring your videos so YouTube doesn’t take advantage of me. If that bothers you, I will delete you from this site and stop watching your videos.

“A lot of the YouTubers you feature are also on Nebula. Have you seen Nebula? What do you think of it?”

So imagine a site with a curated collection of videos from the best in YouTube edutainment. No, not mBlip. This is “Nebula“.

Just so you know, mBlip started at end of 2016 while Nebula came along in 2018 or 2019. Let me be clear: mBlip was definitely here first. I find it interesting that several creators that I featured on mBlip ended up over there. Although it’s probably just an unrelated coincidence, I’d like to think that mBlip had a hand in inspiring that platform’s creation… But I highly doubt it.

For those who don’t know, a bunch of YouTubers felt disgruntled over the overzealous demonetization practices on YouTube. They went on to create “Nebula“, a subscription video streaming service where the creators get compensated based on viewer watch time, and without fear of unfair demonetizations. For the most part they feature various “edutainment” YouTubers, but I feel their lineup is a bit more exclusive compared to mBlip’s.

I have personally bought a membership, and I like Nebula a lot. Their platform has a lot of potential, and I hope they get more YouTuber’s on board. It would be nice if the “Nebulized” YouTubers would also include a direct link at the top of their YouTube video descriptions. That way it would make it easier for people to opt into watching the Nebula versions, which would allow the creators to get paid more.

“You seem to only embed YouTube Videos, right?”

Pretty much. mBlip is running a sophisticated automated feed reader. It can embed YouTube videos from many YouTube feeds. Technically it can embed content from any website that has feeds, but it cannot link to just any website or web page. I have tried using other sites, but I think I will just stick to YouTube.

Got a request? It never hurts to ask!

mBlip is always evolving! If you have a favorite YouTube channel that regularly presents decent content, please e-mail me or leave a comment below with the name of the YouTube channel. Thanks to people just like you, mBlip will always have something new in the lineup!

What do you like to watch? I really enjoy adding your personal favorites, so please keep sending in those requests!

Keep in mind that some channels cannot be added because they block embedding or use other tricks to thwart mBlip’s feed parser. I also want to mention that if your suggestion does not fit with the mBlip edutainment motif, I might still try to add it, but it won’t show up on the home page.

“Hey, where did that video that used to be here go?”

mBlip is not intended to be an archive. Left unchecked, the database will amass a disturbingly high number of videos. As a result, I will periodically purge mBlip of all its posts. For this reason, I strongly discourage linking to any videos on mBlip. Please link to the actual YouTube page instead.

These purges are manually performed about once a month. If you ever visit mBlip and see a message that says “There doesn’t seem to be anything here”, give it about 15 minutes and check back. The core of mBlip is quite feisty, and it does not take long to repopulate new content after the purge.

“Why do some of the featured images show up wrong?”

I have no idea. The problem occurs after I purge the system and the system repopulates its content. Sometimes it gets the wrong imaged associated with the videos. Originally I thought the problem had something to do with the user’s browser cache, but it turns out there is a bug in the code somewhere. While this issue only comes up during content re-population, the frequency of the image mismatch is low enough that I’ve decided not to waste anymore effort on it unless the solution falls into my lap.

“Sometimes when I visit mBlip, the site seems like it doesn’t respond!”

Because mBlip is hosted on a “shared hosting” account. there is limited processing power and continuous processes are not allowed. When you visit, mBlip checks the time. If it hasn’t checked for videos in over an hour, it kicks off the program that does so. This requires a lot of work from the hosting computer. It checks for new videos, parses the new content, formats it, and posts it. If you wait a minute and hit “refresh” on your browser. it should load fine.

I am always looking for suggestions!

My e-mail address is flush2x@gmail.com, or you can just leave a comment below. Your comments go into a moderation queue and will never be shown publicly. While I personally visit mBlip every day, I don’t actually log into mBlip very often. It may take a few weeks, but when I do read the comments, I give them all due consideration before deleting them. After which, I never retain any personal information from the comments. I respect your privacy!

I also wanted to mention that mBlip.com never accepts donations, nor will mBlip seek any revenue through advertising. Sponsorships placed in the videos and the video descriptions are those of the video makers and do not financially benefit or enrich mBlip in any way. Visitor info will never be sold by mBlip, and there is no interest in making money with this site or improving its search engine ranking. This site is a personal hobby, not a business.

mBlip has been operating since December 29, 2016, and has complied with zero government requests for information. The canary is still alive and kicking. But seriously… Why would LEO ever be interested in mBlip’s server logs? There’s no hidden secret section here. What you see is what you get.

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