Hello Friends,

Do you like to watch videos worth watching? I sure do. That is why I created mBlip. Basically mBlip follows various YouTube channels that cover a variety of topics. Depending on the channel, mBlip checks for new videos every 1 to 3 hours and embeds them so that you can watch them here.

Couldn’t you just… you know… use YouTube?

Well, yes, and I often do. The problem with YouTube is that their algorithms ultimately try to funnel viewers towards things that are not worth watching. mBlip tries to focus on videos that might actually be worth watching. Of course there are a lot of amazing channels out there that we still don’t follow, so you can help by giving mBlip a heads up about YouTubers who have exceptional content.

Wait a second… Is this legal?

Absolutely 100% legal. YouTube’s terms of service are on mBlip’s side, and we are not exploiting any “loopholes” or doing anything shady. YouTube content providers agree to these terms of service which absolutely allows sites such as mBlip to embed videos for non-commercial purposes. mBlip is a hobby site and does not generate any revenue. As you can see, mBlip does not serve any ads, nor does mBlip charge admission, and mBlip does not track visitors in order to sell their data to advertisers. Keep in mind that YouTube can still track you because none of the content is actually stored on mBlip. Because everything is embedded, mblip is like a cleverly designed window into YouTube. This is all fair and legit.

I represent or own a YouTube channel that you’re putting on your site, and I don’t like it.

I am sorry if you feel this way. Please send me an email, and I will remove all references to your channel and the embedded videos from this site without complaint.

You seem to only embed YouTube Videos, right?

Pretty much. Unless another video platform emerges, I will not link to any other websites. Sorry, but I will ignore all requests to do so. Now if you have a YouTube channel…

It never hurts to ask!

If you know of a YouTube channel that regularly presents decent content, please e-mail me with a link or the title to the YouTube channel. While some channels cannot be featured here due to technical issues, I enjoy adding other people’s personal favorites to the lineup. This is all free too, so you have nothing to lose by sending me your requests!

Hey, I think there’s a dead link! Where’d that video go?

mBlip was never intended to be an archive. In under two months, the collection algorithms will amass a disturbingly high number of videos. In the interests of good housekeeping, mBlip will occasionally purge all posts. Following a purge, the system will automatically begin posting the latest videos for each channel that is followed. The purge must be manually performed by me, and since I am a human with a haphazard schedule, this “pruning” will occur at irregular intervals. It doesn’t take the system long to repopulate with new content, so generally you won’t even realize this has even happened, except that most of the older links will be gone.

I’m always looking for suggestions!

So making websites is just a hobby of mine, and design and layout are obviously not my forte. Since I’m not looking for any money out of this, I’m also not willing to spend a lot of money either; that being said, you may have noticed that my grasp of taxonomy really sucks. If you have any helpful pointers about improving the layout, I would really love to hear them. Ideas for WordPress themes and plugins that could make the site flow a little better would be great!

Also, I have toyed with the idea of opening user registrations to allow personalization and maybe some kind of user submitted content, but I really don’t know how useful that would be… Thoughts? Ideas? Anything?

One thing I would want to avoid is becoming a “social platform”, since there are already enough of those things out there. My personal vision for mBlip is to cultivate a site that is not susceptible to social engineering agendas. I don’t want mBlip to start telling people what to think, but rather to present a balance of interesting ideas to think about.

My e-mail address is flush2x@gmail.com, or you can just leave a comment below. All comments will be held for moderation and will not be shown publicly, but I do read them. I am always happy to hear from visitors, and I do care about your thoughts on mBlip.

I just wanted to mention that mBlip.com never accepts donations, nor will advertising be permitted on the site. Visitor info will never be sold, and we are not interested in selling the domain name for less than $150000 USD cash in advance. (Yes, some con artist offered to pay up to $100,000, but I just laughed and deleted the “offer”)

mBlip has been operating since December 29, 2016, and we have complied with zero government requests for information. The canary is still alive and kicking. But seriously… Why would LEO be even remotely interested in mBlip’s server logs? I mean… for the most part, what you see is what you get.

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