Acknowledging the Past | Columbus in Context

From “Knowing Better”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Some of my earlier history videos require additional context, most notably, In Defense of Columbus. Using the power of 2020 hindsight, let’s clear that up now.

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Huge Thanks to Cogito, who animated Columbus in Context

Sapiens (2015) by Yuval Noah Harari

**These links are provided with the understanding that you will not harass anyone over months’ old drama. Do not say anything you wouldn’t want your parents to read.**

My Columbus video, "In Defense of Columbus: An Exaggerated Evil"

BadEmpanada’s Response, "The Truth About Columbus – Knowing Better Refuted"

My Reddit Response, "My Thoughts on BadEmpanada’s Columbus Response – and Actions Taken"

BadEmpanada’s Response to the Reddit Thread (Username: u/NotArgentinian)

Livestream with Central_Committee and Kormantine
[Unfortunately, I didn’t know the VOD would be deleted after 60 days, which lapsed during the making of this video.]

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