Africa faces a looming food crisis as Ukraine War drags on | DW News

From DW News.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is pushing the world’s most vulnerable countries into a food security crisis. Many of these states are in Africa, which rely heavily on Russia and Ukraine for wheat, fertilizer and vegetable oil imports. Earlier this week, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the African Union the situation is catastrophic.
The fighting has disrupted global commodity markets and trade to the African continent, raising food prices and creating more shortages. World leaders are gathering in Germany to address the looming global hunger crisis, DW takes a look at Sudan, which is just one of the African countries facing an urgent need to alleviate growing hunger.
And South Africa is also feeling the effects of the war in Ukraine. The covid 19 pandemic already triggered a growing economic crisis. And now, surging food prices and unemployment is forcing many into homelessness. But one center is trying to keep people off the streets.


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