After Ian, flooding menaces Florida inland towns

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(1 Oct 2022)
North Port, Florida – 30 September 2022
1. Various of flooded neighborhood
HEADLINE: After Ian, flooding menaces Florida inland towns
ANNOTATION: Damage from Hurricane Ian has not been confined to Florida’s beach and tourist towns. Rising waters are creating havoc inland.
2. Jason Evans carrying possessions
3. SOUNDBITE (English) Jason Evans, North Port resident:
"Just assessing the damage, just trying to get FEMA information as soon as possible and just wanted to see what the catastrophic damage was. And certainly so. I have a roof, an interior roof in my kitchen, everything is down on the floor. I took water from the roof and then from the interior."
4. John Chihil pulling woman on boat
5. SOUNDBITE (English) John Chihil, local resident whose house was flooded:
"There’s really not much to feel. It’s an act of God, you know? I mean, all you can do is pray and hope for a better day tomorrow."
6. Wide of flooded area
ANNOTATION: Heavy rains from the storm have ended up flowing into suburban and inland towns not part of hurricane warnings.
7. Woman carrying dog from boat UPSOUND No name given (English): "Dry land, bud"
8. Woman in boat
ANNOTATION: Since Ian’s passage, water levels have gone up significantly, turning roads into canals and leaving some families trapped in their waterlogged homes.
9. People standing in water in front of homes
10 Various of flood scene
Hurricane Ian’s impact has not been confined to Florida’s beaches and tourist towns.
The rains from the storm’s deluge are flowing into inland towns not usually part of the hurricane warnings.
In the Sarasota suburb of North Port, water levels have gone up significantly, turning roads into canals, reaching mailboxes, flooding SUVs and trucks, blocking the main access to the interstate and leaving families trapped.
Now, as days go by, residents are starting to run out of food and water.
It’s the rising rivers that cause the flooding, and authorities say that flooding now poses a danger to those nearby.
Near North Port, the Florida Department of Transportation closed a stretch of Interstate 75 in both directions late Friday because of the flooded Myakka River.
AP video shot by Daniel Kozin.
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