Amazon Basics Boomboxes – The clown’s handbag

From Techmoan.

The Amazon Basics range includes two Boomboxes (CD, Radio, Cassette). I bought them so you don’t have to. Here’s my review.

Here’s an Amazon UK AFFILIATED link – but I’d recommend watching the video first

At the time of typing the Panasonic RX-D50 & D55 are still available in Europe via Amazon.DE – Here’s a link
– also on AMAZON US

There’s also the Sony CFD-S70 – that’s probably the last best one still available outside Japan after the Panasonic models have disappeared. I do think the speakers let it down though, it’s lacking in bass.
ALL these links are AFFILIATED

I reviewed the Sony CFD-S70 back in 2017 – here’s the video

00:00 Start
01:08 The ‘Boomboxes’
02:58 Same but different
06:29 Mini Tinnybox
07:39 Big Tinnybox
09:42 Oh dear
10:54 Who’s the clown now
11:15 Tape
11:54 Radio
12:41 Oh dear pt. 2
13:04 Tape 2
13:21 Radio 2
13:44 Wow & Flutter 1
14:39 Wow & Flutter 2
15:38 No surprises
16:14 Prices
16:49 U get what Upay4
17:17 Buy bye Panasonic
18:57 Back to the future
19:27 Patreon credits

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