Amazon’s Best Selling Soundbar? Really?? | Taotronics TT-SK023 Review


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Today Craig reviews the Taotronics TT-SK023 Soundbar. A few weeks ago he compared the top two best selling soundbars on Amazon to his TV audio. One of them was the Taotronics Soundbar. At the time, what he said was that this bar is certainly better than relying on your TV’s sound, so if you’re going for a budget option, this one is okay. But now he’s had even more time with the Taotronics bar, and has more thoughts to share. The question here isn’t so much whether it’s better than your TV sound. It almost certainly is. The question is whether the value you’re getting is worth the budget price tag.

0:00 Intro
0:55 Unboxing & Setup
3:14 Exploring Features
6:59 Verdict and Final thoughts


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