An Alien in Montevideo


From “Rare Earth”. ( YouTube / Nebula )


Just before the pandemic I signed some paperwork that fundamentally changed this channel. For the better, I hope, but who knows, it’s life, right?

Back in April, or March maybe, god this summer has breezed by… back whenever that was I signed up with an organization called Nebula. You might have already heard of them, I’m certainly not the first person they’ve signed. I really, really like what they’re trying to do. It almost feels like they’re a YouTubers union masquerading as a video app. A coop for quality edutainment that has no chance of going viral. Content that YouTube can’t sustain or truly care about.

So I signed on with them. I know, I realize I’m not the type. But even with all my hangups about sponsorship and advertising, this felt right to me. The only ad I really have to do is to let you know about the platforms that I’m on. Not a huge deal for me. I can live with that. Hope you can too.

To be clear: I’m not going to stop doing anything here. I might slow down a bit, but that’s just because I’m tired of the grind. Rare Earth remains as ever. It’s just that I’m going to start doing things there, too. Bigger things.

So… that’s the plan. It costs 15 bucks a *year* to be a member and you get a subscription to CuriosityStream as part of the bundle (which is a genuinely supportable platform where my father has already done documentaries). The Nebula app isn’t anything to write home about yet, but that’s part of being on ground floor. I didn’t sign on with them because it was already the next Instagram. I did it because it is growing, and at this size my (and your) voice can make it better. I signed on because I believe in what they’re doing. I genuinely support this project, and for me that’s rare earth indeed.

Long-term patrons who can’t handle another fee please DM me and I’ll pay for your membership myself. I don’t want anyone here left out in the cold, and I’m going to do my best to make sure that you’re all able to take part.

If that sounds interesting to you, sign up here:

If not? Hope you enjoy the show regardless. See you next episode, everyone.

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