An app that sees for those who can’t

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A look at a fascinating app that can enrich lives by narrating the visual world.
In 1979 a device that could read a letter aloud cost £80,000…nowadays that’s just one of the functions on a free app. That’s progress.

FREE APP – Microsoft Seeing AI website
(IOS Download links at bottom of the linked page – or search for ‘Seeing AI’ )
SUBSCRIPTION APP – Envision AI Website
Envision IOS & Android download links
Seeing AI Advert featuring my musician pal Andre
Of course he’s got a YouTube Channel too.

00:00 What the what?
00:20 Recap
01:57 Intel Reader
06:28 Is there an app for that?
08:28 App overview
09:07 Short Text
09:43 Document
10:55 Barcode & pile
13:23 Person
14:43 Currency
15:01 Scene
15:59 Colo(u)r
16:24 Handwriting
16:54 Light
18:22 Serious/Fun
19:53 Accessibility for all
23:10 Accentuate the positive
26:31 Patreon Credits

The last time I used the world blind in a video I got a few comments from sighted people based in the US advising me that the word blind isn’t appropriate to use any more. I’m not in the US. In the UK the word blind is in common use to describe blindness. We have the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People). I’m legally blind in one eye and blind is the word I use to describe that condition. My go-to expert on the topic, Andre was asked about this very word by Robert Llewellyn in an episode of Fully Charged and this was his response:
Local language sensibilities are not necessarily adopted globally.

Q) Does the app need an internet connection?
A) Yes
‘Seeing AI is a Microsoft research project that brings together the power of the cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app, designed to help you navigate your day.’

Q) Does that mean it uploads your images for recognition purposes
A) Yes – and if that’s a problem to you don’t use it. Simple as.

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