An Inside Look at Life post-Shark Tank (Pt. 2)

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If you watch Shark Tank, you know the name Tower Paddle Boards. They’re one of the show’s biggest success stories, with more than $40M in sales since their episode aired. We’ll find out how they did it and what role the Shark Tank episode played in their growth in this two-part interview.

Stephan Aarstol founded Tower Paddle Boards ten years ago after seeing the extreme price mark-up most retailers added to their products. He’s since extended his direct-to-consumer model into the electric bike industry with Tower Electric Bikes, which won an award for best electric cruiser bike with its very first consumer design.

If you’ve seen the Tower Paddle Boards Shark Tank full episode, you know they went on the show with right around $100K in sales. We’ll find out how Mark Cuban’s investment helped their growth and what impact the episode had on their brand recognition and sales. Stephan also shares some behind-the-scenes tips in this interview, like writing Shark Tank pitches and what he did to prepare for the show.

Shark Tank isn’t Tower Paddle Boards only claim to fame. They received world-wide media coverage when they pioneered a 5-hour work day in 2015, releasing a book, The Five-hour Workday, that spread the idea to more than 10 million readers across 20 countries. We’ll learn the results of this experiment, whether it’s still something the company offers, and what other innovations the company has in development.

Entrepreneurs and Shark Tank fans alike can learn a lot from Tower Paddle Boards. You can find out more about the company at their website,

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Direct To Consumer Selling
2:07 Company Headquarters Tour
3:15 Warehouse Walk Through
4:35 Building A-Team
6:01 Revenue and Profit Margins
7:12 eCommerce Business Strategies
8:41 Impact of Shark Tank Appearance
9:36 Last Words of Wisdom and Business Advice
10:14 Outro