Ancient Roman City Under Budapest | Aquincum

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Around 41 to 55 AD, a 500-strong cavalry unit, was stationed at the site. This was soon reinforced when an entire Roman legion was sent there no later than 80 AD. This legion comprised a considerable force of around 6,000 men, along with all their military equipment.

The province of Pannonia was crucial to the Roman Empire, providing the Roman Army with a secure base. By 106 AD the Roman Empire decided to bring about changes in Pannonia and Aquincum became the capital city in the region they now called Pannonia Inferior.

Towards the close of the 2nd century AD, Aquincum had a population of between 30,000 to 40,000 people living within it. Archaeologists have discovered that houses had central heating and there were public baths and shops. There were even amphitheaters close by, where Romans could hold celebrations to mark social events.


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