Are Cows really Bad for the Planet? Why did we start blaming them?

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Big thanks to Dr. Frank Mitloehner for chatting with me. You can find him on twitter under @GHGGuru

0:50 – Why did we start blaming cows?
4:10 – Enter Cowspiracy.
5:33 – Where are the numbers coming from?
7:30 – Are cow burps new to the planet?
9:00 – Taking a realistic path to solutions?
10:43 – What about plant based meats?
14:30 – Why livestock research is important.
15:27 – How to feed 9.5 billion people
19:55 – Not all land is the same.
21:46 – We need nutrients, not just “food”
26:28 – How livestock and meat are discussed
29:12 – The real issue
30:40 – Do people stay meatless?
33:00 – What you don’t hear about cows and water.
40:18 – Livestock are a key part of the food system
43:56 – The bigger problem we need to solve

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