Are you doing enough to protect your families’ online safety? [Advertiser content from Allstate]

From Vox.

Most people learn essential safety lessons starting from a young age. We’re taught to look both ways before crossing the street, cover our moths when we cough or sneeze, and wear a helmet, just to name a few essentials. But for as much emphasis that’s placed on “real world” safety, many people still overlook basic safety practices online.

92% of Americans say they care about online safety, but their actions show otherwise. Like the real parents in the video above, the majority of people use one or a handful of different passwords for all their accounts, and a third have shared their password with others.

Habits like these can make you an easy target for hackers, fraudsters, and data breaches. In 2019 alone, identity fraud losses totaled $16.9 billion. Moreover, it can take anywhere between 100 hours and six months to fix the effects of identity theft. For parents, this can be especially costly. Families with children under 18 are 128% more likely to be victims of identity fraud compared to the average American, and they pay more than twice as much out of pocket as a result of identity fraud.

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