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Richard demonstrates solutions for replacing a water main shutoff; Jenn travels to Tennessee to build a planter out of an animal feeding trough; Mark waterproofs brick; Kevin heads back to Jimmy DiResta’s shop to build a sign.

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Water Main Shutoff: If the house’s water main shutoff malfunctions, the water utility usually has a shutoff outside the home that they can access.

Richard shows two methods of freezing a pipe when working in a multifamily home or where no outdoor shutoff is available. One uses carbon dioxide; the other is a refrigerant-based machine. Pipe freezers can be found at plumbing supply stores or rented from tool rental shops.

Richard recommends upgrading older gate valves to the more reliable ball valve, which can be found at plumbing supply stores and home centers.

How to Turn a Feeding Trough into a Planter

Jenn used a galvanized steel animal feeding trough, purchased at Tractor Supply Company. Feeding troughs are available at most livestock supply stores. Non-biodegradable packing peanuts can only be found in certain states at shipping supply stores. Jenn also suggests using plastic planters upside down to help fill the void at the bottom of the planter if necessary. Jenn used an organic garden soil mix manufactured by Holy Cow Materials.

For this planter’s location and climate, Jenn selected Arbor vitae as a screening plant, Lantana for color, and Liriope to add color and variety of height. The other materials Jenn used to make the planter, including a drill, window screen, and landscape fabric, can be found at home centers and nurseries.

Kevin heads back to Jimmy DiResta’s shop to build a sign. Everything Jimmy and Kevin used to make the channel letters, including the metal flashing, plywood, lights, spray paint, and hot glue, can be found at home centers.

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Galvanized steel animal feeding trough
Category: Materials, Design, Landscaping
Tractor Supply Company

How to Repair a Damaged Main Shutoff Valve
Category: Plumbing, Faucets & Fixtures, Tools
Expert assistance
A.E. Carter Plumbing and Heating

How to Turn a Feeding Trough into a Planter
Category: Design, Landscaping, Garage
Expert assistance
Nawada Landscape Design

Making channel letters for a sign
Category: Design, Lighting, Electrical, Furnishings
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Jimmy DiResta

Organic garden soil mix for feeding trough planter
Category: Design, Landscaping, Materials
Holy Cow Materials

Siloxane 20 solvent-based water repellant for brick
Category: Surface Protection, Masonry, Fireplaces & Chimneys, Paints & Finishes, Materials
Umaco Products
Expert assistance
MJM Masonry

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Ask This Old House | Jimmy DiResta, Trough Planter (S16E18) | FULL EPISODE

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