Behind the Scenes Look at A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur


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Knowing what you’re getting into before you open a restaurant can make the difference between success and failure.

Anyone who’s thinking about entering the restaurant industry should see what a day in the life of a restaurant owner looks like before they commit.

In that spirit, we’ve asked Carlos Chalisea to give viewers a glimpse of his daily life. Carlos started Don Luchos as a small food cart, with the aim of bringing flavors from his native Peru to the people of the Pacific Northwest.

Don Luchos was the first Peruvian food truck in Seattle, and finding that untapped market was a big reason for their success.

Carlos has grown Don Luchos from that first cart into a full food truck and a brick-and-mortar restaurant—the dream for many who start a food truck.

In the first video in our new series, Carlos will talk us through a typical day in the life of a small business owner.

We’ll find out how many hours he works each day and which tasks are crucial for a restaurant owner to handle himself (and which he delegates to employees).

He’ll also talk through what goes on behind the scenes in a day in the life running a business, including some important aspects of the job people often don’t think about when they’re getting ready to open a restaurant.

If you’re considering opening a restaurant or food truck, you’ll definitely want to check out this video! You can learn more about Don Luchos at their website,

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