Best standalone hotspot plans and hardware!


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In this video, Tshaka is going to walk you through the hotspot plans you need to know about if you’re working from home, or working while on the road… basically, if you’re a remote worker… check these out! He’ll also cover your hardware needs, so you’ll know what hardware to pick up to go with that new hotspot plan.

00:00 Intro
1:20 Background Info
1:56 What Plan is best for you? 4G, or 5G?
2:08 Is Visible for you?
3:37 Verizon may be what your looking for!
4:07 Verizon outperforms when it comes to LTE coverage vs other recommended hotspots
5:25 The T-Mobile plan may be what you need. Especially for 5G hotspot coverage.
6:36 Hardware Recommendations

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