Burgers Will be Plants or Bugs by 2050 (Part 3)


From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Alternative meats, plant-based meats, lab-grown meats. There are so many different options. Are cows about to be replaced? || ✨ This episode was supported by CuriosityStream! Try it free & support the show at http://curiositystream.com/trace with promo code: trace
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Meat is resource intensive to create. Cows are difficult to grow. Plants, on the other hand, are not. Insects? They practically own the planet. Now that alternative meats and sources of protein exist, will these become the meat of the future? Will #plantbasedmeats replace cows as the meat for the masses? Will #eatingbugs become a popular pasttime? What’s going to happen next?

0:00 Cows eat a lot
1:59 Lab grown meats
4:41 It’s about spaaace
5:20 how to feed 10 billion
What about to eat a vegetarian diet? Will we have cows on Mars? What’s the 2020 version of replicators from Star Trek? I have so many questions, so let’s kick into it. This week I explore the evolution, economics, classism of eating meat, and where the human diet might go in #thefuture.
PART 1 : how much more does it cost to eat meat?
PART 2 : what’s the food of the future today?
PART 3 : is alternative meat?
PART 4 : how many people can Earth feed?
PART 5 : cows on Mars?

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Harvard Food panel to discuss solutions for a population of 10 billion
The keys to feeding the 10 billion people expected on Earth by midcentury read like a thoughtful laundry list that’s both reassuring and daunting: new technology, more seafood, more efficient small farms, less food waste, less red meat, and — perhaps — insects.

There Is Not Enough Land on Earth to Support The Diet Recommended by Authorities
Earth is a pretty big place, but it’s not as big as our appetite.

Here’s that PLOS One study: Global land use implications of dietary trends
Global food security and agricultural land management represent two urgent and intimately relaed challenges that humans must face. We quantify the changes in the global agricultural land footprint if the world were to adhere to the dietary guidelines put forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), while accounting for the land use change incurred by import/export required to meet those guidelines.

Find out how many miles a car could drive on the energy for your breakfast sausage

Is the New Meat Any Better Than the Old Meat?
The Impossible Whopper and other plant-based burgers are a hit. But are they an improvement for you and the planet?

The next challenge for plant-based meat: Winning the price war against animal meat
The last couple of years have been consequential ones for meatless meat, as we at Future Perfect have documented. For all meatless meat’s success, however, advocates shouldn’t feel complacent. After all, meatless meat still makes up less than 1 percent of the annual meat consumption in the US — hardly a dent in how we eat.

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Love you, #nerdfam! Stay #curious, thank you for supporting my scicomm. Here’s a challenge, try to not eat any red meat for three days. Just 72 hours without mammal meat. Try it! Let me know how it goes ✨

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