Calculating π by hand the Isaac Newton way: Pi Day 2020

From Standup Mathematician.

So it turns out that this year π = 3.141591678589793935225

Thanks to Ben Sparks, Deanna Judd, Max Hughes and Zoe Griffiths!

Huge thanks to the National Trust for letting us film at Woolsthorpe Manor and much appreciation to the on-site staff for being endlessly helpful. Next time you are near Grantham, England you can visit Newton’s house for yourself:

Thanks as always to Jane Street for being the Stand-up Maths channel principle sponsor. This would not have happened without them.

Here is the full working out for the derivation of Newton’s expression for Pi, including how to get a general expression for the sum:

And here are the full Think Maths teacher resources, that includes this workings out, plus further notes for teachers and a worksheet for students:

Ben’s method for calculating the square root of three can be seen on the second channel:

Signed copies of much of the working out (one featuring a Parker Square) are available on the Stand-up Maths eBay account. All money goes to charity.

Any missing working out is for a term which a school did for us.

– Nothing yet. Let me know if you spot anything! (Or find where we went wrong, so very wrong.)

Thanks so much to all the schools who helped out! Names are below. If teachers want to find out about similar projects in the future, sign up here:

St John’s-Ravenscourt School Winnipeg, Canada, Teachers: Morgan MacLennan and Lam Nguyen
Varndean College, UK, Teacher: Nicole Cozens
John Taylor High School, UK, Teacher: Simon Curzon
Cals College IJsselstein Netherlands, Teacher: Maarten Van Haaren
Whitgift School, UK, Teacher: Kathryn Coffin, Students: Paul Ajuwon, Mikaeel Toosy, Wei-Shun Fam, Ashwiyn Sekaran, Mr Lau, James Zhang, Artyom Boyorov
South Bromsgrove High School, UK, Teacher: Sue Rowing
King Edward VI Aston School, UK, Teacher: Andrew Russell, Students: Mohammed Ali Awan, Adeel Imam
Leftwich High School UK, Teacher: Sam Webster, Students: Harri Major
George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh, UK, Teacher: Gregor Dickson, Students: Judith Morrow, Euan Strachan, Isaac Browning
The Cheney School, Oxford, UK, Teacher: Padma Thealla

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