Can Modern People Survive As Working Class Victorians? | Absolute History

From Absolute History.

Four families with a longing to escape the demands of the modern world head back over a hundred years. They’re experiencing life, for a month, as a small fishing community on the dramatic and wild tidal island of Llanddwyn, off the coast of Anglesey. They may have settled into the 1900s style of living, without running water or electricity, but that doesn’t make life any easier. Three weeks after arriving on the island, the community spirit is fragile as different priorities and approaches to life start to take shape.

With the Davies family of seven struggling to make ends meet, and quickly running out of supplies, Lydia instigates a charity food hamper. The neighbors could gift eggs and vegetables, but not everyone shares the same vision about how best to help. As the weather picks up, the men plan an extended fishing trip for three days and two nights, leaving their wives and children home alone. But out at sea, the men struggle day after day to get a catch, while their wives – with no means of communication – have no way of knowing whether they are safe or not. Will the families fall in love with the past or fall apart on The 1900 Island?

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