Canadians not keen on trading privacy for intelligence sharing, poll finds

From Global News.

Canadians aren’t keen on giving federal agencies more powers to share information in the name of national security if it comes at the expense of privacy rights, documents obtained by Global News suggest.

The Privy Council Office (PCO), the central department of the government, recently polled Canadians about the balance between privacy rights and the ability of government agencies to share intelligence with partners to address national security threats.

It asked Canadians if they would accept “greater information sharing powers” to address national security threats, “even if it affects (their) privacy rights.”

The polling data, obtained by Global News under access to information laws, found one out of two respondents would not, roughly one in 10 Canadians were ambivalent, and just one in three thought it was a good idea.

As Tom Vernon explains, with global conflicts fought more often in the online realm our information is becoming a target.

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