Caravan Palace – Ghosts (Last Show from the World Before)

From Caravan Palace.

About 4 weeks into confinement and it already feels like an eternity since we played our last show. It was at Zenith in Paris and it was a very special moment for us. It was our biggest show ever (as a headliner) and for this occasion we wanted to make it a unique night. We invited former band members whose lives have taken different paths over the years, some incredible dancers and most of the vocals guests from the new album too! Up to 15 people on stage, what a magical night!
The morning after we were told we’d have to cancel the rest of our tour. We feel lucky this show happened and we got to experience and share those incredible emotions.
We can’t wait till we’re allowed to hit the road again but until then here’s a little video report for you to enjoy

Film directed by Louis Delaporte

With the "Caravan Palace All Stars"
Colotis Zoé: Vocals & dance
Arnaud Vial: Machines, guitar & keys
Charles Delaporte: Doublebass, bass & keys
Paul-Marie Barbier: Vibraphone, piano, keys & percussions
Lucas Saint-Cricq: Saxophones & scratches
Martin Berlugue: Trombone
Odd sweet: Dance
Including our guest artists for the night:
Hugues Payen: Violin & vocals
Antoine Toustou: Vocals
Camille Chapellière: Clarinet
Manuela Rivière: Vocals
Charles X: Vocals
Robin Mansanti: Vocals & trumpet
Ludo Louis: Trumpet
Joyss: Dance

Technical Dream Team :

Vladimir Coulibre : FOH
Patrick Da Silva : Monitoring
Paul Durozey : Lights design & lights
Romain Belhache : Lights
Cédric Weiss : Backline
Christophe Chopin : Tour manager
Olivier Linglet : Band manager

Sound system & lights provided by Regietek.