MOABLASTR 2 – The Storm

From airblastr. Take an epic ride through the landscapes of Moab, UT and watch out for the unforgiving nature of the desert. Things get really real. #airblastr #hypercine #moablastr2 #odesza Music by ODESZA – Loyal XHOVER | POLARPRO FILTERS | TEAMBLACKSHEEP

One Pack/One Track – Flying to Music Hypercine

From airblastr. One battery pack, one music track. Syncing up my headphones with my flying and just letting it flow. This is an experiment I’ve wanted to try for a while and I loved the feeling of letting the music directly inspire the flight. What genre should I fly to next? #airblastr #hypercine #onepackonetrack #xhover…

SMELTR – Diving the Tallest Surviving Masonry Structure

From airblastr. “The Big Stack” At 585 feet and 60ft in diameter it is the tallest surviving masonry structure in the world. Naturally I had to dive it with my custom quadcopter. The whole town of Anaconda is surrounded by remnants of another time and this created the perfect playground for my drone. #airblastr #hypercine…

A Random Sunny Morning w/ Hayes Majerus

From airblastr. A random sunny morning flying with Hayes Majerus down M-Hill near Bozeman, MT. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight! #airblastr #hypercine #speedflying Special thanks to: Subscribe and follow @airblastr & @hayesmajerus


From airblastr. Airblastr presents FLY RIDE. Filmed 100% with flying cameras. Experience mountain biking like never before, blasting down the steep and winding trails near Fernie, BC. Riding by Dylan Siggers with a guest appearance by Matt Dennis. I fly, you ride. #airblastr #hypercine #mtb #fpv Follow, subscribe and like! @airblastr @dylansiggers


From airblastr. Happy Birthday Airblastr! It’s been a wild ride this past year. I became completely immersed into the world of FPV and the idea that with these small quadcopters you can put a camera virtually anywhere. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Thank you all for the stoke and support!…

Copper City Trails – MTB meets FPV Drone!

From airblastr. MTB meets FPV! I spent the afternoon flying my custom quadcopter with my friend Rich Frogh as he rode his bike at Copper City near Three Forks, MT. Such an awesome experience trying to keep up with him while keeping the drone low and fast. This is the next level in mountain bike…

Airblastr x Xhover – FPV Team Pilot

From airblastr. Super excited to announce that I will be flying for XHOVER as a Team Pilot! Stoked to be working with a brand that shares my vision for the future of FPV! I’ve been flying their Stingy frame and the Win2xl Micro drone seen here. Needless to say it’s been amazing. #airblastr #hypercine #xhover…

Wild Wild Horses – Hypercine FPV Drone

From airblastr. I spotted this wild looking group of metal horses while driving around in Montana. It was surprising how life-like these sculptures were and how much detail each one had. Thanks to whoever built them all! #airblastr #hypercine #montana