Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetime

From Atlas Pro. Some places are more threatened by rising sea levels than others, but in the end we’ll all be paying a price. Alternate titles include: "Where You Shouldn’t Invest in Real Estate," "Places You Should Vacation to Before They’re Gone," and "Oh Man We’re In A Lot Of Trouble On This One Aren’t…

What Does an Alien Ocean Look Like?

From Atlas Pro. Life on Earth started in the oceans, meaning that’s a pretty good place to start looking for life elsewhere. In order to find these promising cesspools for chemical reactions, we’ll need to know what they look like. Support me on Patreon at Follow me on twitter @theatlaspro Some Links:…

What’s the Biggest Canyon on Earth?

From Atlas Pro. What I thought to be a simple question turns into an 11 minute video, buckle up! Follow me on twitter @theatlaspro Support me on Patreon at: Music: Some links:,in%20the%20last%20seven%20years.

The Geography of Fruits PART 2

From Atlas Pro. I’ve included a list here with even more specifics. Make sure to find me on twitter @theatlaspro to see the map in full! Music: Mesopotamia: Apricot (Armenia) Cantaloupe Dates Fig Grapes Pomegranates Tropical Africa: Calabash / bottle gourds Tamarind Ackee (Guinea) Kiwano Mesoamerica: Pepper Squash (Northeast Mexico, Southeast US) Mamoncillo Dragonfruit…

The BIOGEOGRAPHY of the Ice Age

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The Geography of the Ice Age

From Atlas Pro. I definitely missed a couple things so find me on twitter @theatlaspro to see the full map for yourself! Help support over on Find the music: Some links:,_7,900_BPE.png,900_Glacial_Lake_Agassiz_&_Glacial_Lake_Ojibway_(7900)_use_fileTeller_and_Leverington,_2004.jpg

What Causes an Ice Age?

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How Geography Turned the Sahara Green

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The Tricky Nature of Conservation

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