The Best Moments From Tech Ingredients!

From Tech Ingredients. A montage of our best moments and experiments here at Tech Ingredients. Find the videos included with the links and timestamps below. 00:03 – 00:21 – 01:05 – 01:30 – 01:38 – 02:11 – 02:22 – 02:55 – 03:02 – 04:10 –…

Powerful Dry Ice Fog Machine!

From Tech Ingredients. I go into detail of the design and construction of our DIY dry ice smoke machine. We link to some dimensional drawings (link below), components and sources to help with your build. Parts and diagrams: Previous video: Find us on Patreon and our website:

Obtaining Alcohol and Treating Masks

From Tech Ingredients. I demonstrate different methods for concentrating alcohol from available sources and present a simple, low cost and proven method for reusing masks. Delta Adsorbents 3A 4X8 Molecular Sieve:×8-molecular-sieve-desiccant Stanford Article: Find us on Patreon and our website: Previous videos:

Reusing Masks, Ozone and UV Decontamination

From Tech Ingredients. I address some questions raised in the first two videos, show how to reuse masks, explain UV light decontamination and demonstrate a simple ozone generator. Articles mentioned: DOI: 10.1080/01919519808547272 Find us on Patreon and our website: Previous videos: