Black Lives Matter Flipbook

From The Flippest. BLACK LIVES MATTER! Any of you ‘All Lives Matter’ people can go suck a butt (the hole part of the butt). Now ain’t about that shit…our black friends/family/brothers/sisters/fellow humans…are fighting for basic equality…fighting for justice…fighting for their lives!!! Do what you can to lift their voices!

‘The Office’ Flipbook Proposal

From The Flippest. Andres was planning to propose to his girlfriend Victoria…then plans had to be adjusted. He messaged me and I stepped in with the backup plan. Also…Andres and Victoria are pretty big fans of ‘The Office.’ (Duh.) Music:

The Tiger King…a flipbook

From The Flippest. You either like him or you don’t. The Tiger King flipbook plus a bonus collection of my commercial flipbooks because times are tough for a freelance flipbook maker. Also Joe Exotic brings out the shameless promoter in me. If you don’t want to watch the commercial flipbooks…(you know where the stop button…

Baby Yoda Flipbook

From The Flippest. Sooo…I haven’t seen any Star Wars movies/shows (Nothing personal, it just never happened for some reason) but I still had to get in on this Sweet Baby Yoda Meme action. That said…I LOVE JOHN WILLIAMS!!! The composer of countless iconic movie scores, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Jaws, ET, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones,…