Reliable data transmission

From Ben Eater. Part 0 (?) of a mini-series on error detection and correction. Support these videos on Patreon: Code from this video: Hardware used in this video (affiliate links): 2x Breadboards: 2x Arduino nanos (link is for a 3-pack): 2x 16×2 LCD panel: Resistors (though you certainly don’t need…

CPU flags register

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Making a computer Turing complete

From Ben Eater. The 8-bit breadboard computer is certainly limited. But is it capable enough to even be a computer? In this video we explore how Turing Machines and the Lambda Calculus defined the whole class of “computable problems.” And we talk about the relatively minor change needed to make the 8-bit breadboard computer Turing…

The case against Net Neutrality?

From Ben Eater. Everyone seems to want net neutrality, yet it remains a contentious issue. Is pure evil the only reason anyone would oppose it, or is it a bit more nuanced? CGP Grey’s intro to Net Neutrality: Grant’s channel: —————— Social media: Website: Twitter: Patreon: Reddit:


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