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One of the most revered names in American pianos is Chickering. Once the largest producer of pianos in the United States, they are sought after by aciciendos of fine pianos.

The Quarter Grand has a distinctive design which makes it particularly easy to place in your home. Although it has the full set of 88 keys, the piano is 5-6 inches narrower than other pianos of similar size. But it is the unique sound of the Chickering Quarter Grand that sets it apart from other pianos.

This piano has been rebuilt and refinished with new strings, tuning pins, damper felts, action felts, hammers, shanks, knuckles, key bushings, and front rail bushings. The soundboard is original and in excellent condition, producing a clear, warm, projecting sound well into the high treble. It also has a rich, full bass. The action has a medium easy weight, with quick, responsive touch.

The keys have the original, organic key tops (not plastic) in great condition! The soundboard and case have been refinished, the bridges have been reworked, and the plate has been re-bronzed. It is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will grace your home even when it isn’t being played. This is an heirloom piano to be treasured for generations.

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