Comedian Tells Joke, Everyone Loses Their Mind

From Coffee Break.

Why we get offended online, but NOT in real life. Hint: It’s in the thumbnail.


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A few notes:
1: Wittgenstein mentions the example of a builders language game that would be opaque to an outsider, I see this as applying to almost every aspect of language. We’re always playing language games, whether it be with a stranger, where we try to make our meaning as obvious as possible, or with a friend, where we use inside jokes, phrases known only to the other person.

2: There are many reasons comedy is walking on eggshells, I want to be clear, this isn’t the only reason. But the other reasons have been beaten to death by everyone and this is one cause that I believe has been hardly explored at all.

3: I say comedians "used to be untouchables". I mean that in the context of the audience. Comedians weren’t untouchable to police, who arrested the greats such as Carlin and Bruce, but comedians usually didn’t have to fear the crowd. Now comedians aren’t scared of the police for saying naughty things, they’re scared of the online mob.