Covering Boards, Finally Installed – Episode 225 – Acorn to Arabella: Journey of a Wooden Boat

From Acorn To Arabella.

King planks and covering boards are so essential to the longevity of wooden boat decking, it warrants the caution and care that we’ve taken to get here. The covering boards are both "glued" and screwed, albeit with a wood glue called 4200, which can be removed with heat when maintenance calls for it.

The king planks, on the other hand, will be simply screwed into place, and their solid nature makes for a stable, water-shedding surface down the centerline of the boat. It’s a place where a few things pass through the deck of this DIY wooden boat, or where important hardware, such as the windlass (the mechanical winch that raises the anchor, needs a solid foundation.

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Acorn to Arabella is a boat building project taking place in Granby, Massachusetts. Steve started as an amateur boat builder building a 38′ wooden boat in his backyard: designer William Atkin’s Ingrid with a Stormy Petrel’s gaff rig. These videos follow the journey from tree felling, to lumber milling, to lofting, to the lead keel pour and beyond—sharing details of the woodworking, carpentry, metal smithing, tool building, and tool maintenance that wooden boats command. This ultimate DIY project will continue well past launch, when he and the crew will travel and learn to cruise aboard the boat that they’ve built. Just kidding about all that, this channel is about a Siberian Laika named Akiva.


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