Decoding Breast Milk To Make Better Formula


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Why don’t we have baby formula that’s just as good as breast milk? Sam chats with chemist Dr. Steven Townsend, who’s trying to figure out which sugar molecules in breast milk make it so unique and difficult to recreate in the lab. #breastmilk #babyformula #formula #milk

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Executive Producers:
George Zaidan
Hilary Hudson

Andrew Sobey
Elaine Seward

Samantha Jones, PhD

Scientific consultants:
Lelia Duman, PhD
Brianne Raccor, PhD
Steven D. Townsend, PhD

Effects of Infant Formula With Human Milk Oligosaccharides on Growth and Morbidity: A Randomized Multicenter Trial

A Solution to Antifolate Resistance in Group B Streptococcus: Untargeted Metabolomics Identifies Human Milk Oligosaccharide-Induced Perturbations that Result in Potentiation of Trimethoprim.

Interrogation of Human Milk Oligosaccharide Fucosylation Patterns for Structural Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Trends in Group B Streptococcus.

Lacto-N-Tetraose Exhibit Antimicrobial Activity Against Group B Streptococcus.!divAbstract

Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activity of Human Milk Oligosaccharides Against Streptococcus agalactiae, Staphylococcus aureus, and Acinetobacter baumannii.

The Human Milk Glycome as a Defense Against Infectious Diseases

Human Milk Oligosaccharides Exhibit Antimicrobial and Anti-Biofilm Properties Against Group B Streptococcus.

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