Decoding the Music of The Matrix


From Sideways.

Follow the white rabbit.

So with all the theory in this video, I knew I was bound to make a mistake at some point.
In the part where I explain the whole/half step pattern in the diatonic scale I messed up the diagram a little bit, but what I said was still correct. Oops!

Also, while I call it Serialism, the more appropriate term would be "12 tone technique."
Serialism implies that it’s doing something more than just 12 tone technique.
Oops again.


Heckman’s Dissertation:
Also, you can order your own copy of the Matrix score here:

Prepared Piano Clip:

Aluminophone Clip:

12tone’s video on 12 tone matrices:

Wisecrack’s video on The Matrix Reloaded:

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