Dentists Debunk 14 Teeth Myths


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Two dentists debunk 14 of the most common myths about teeth. They explain the science behind white teeth and what really causes cavities. They also debunk the idea that electric toothbrushes are better than regular toothbrushes. In fact, it’s more about how you brush your teeth. And they mention how aligners, without X-rays and thorough analysis from an orthodontist, could be harmful to your teeth.

:36 Myth 1: Sugar causes cavities.
1:01 Myth 2: Electric toothbrushes are better than regular toothbrushes.
1:29 Myth 3: White teeth are always healthy.
2:08 Myth 4: There’s no such thing as brushing too much.
2:42 Myth 5: Drinking with a straw is better for your teeth.
3:37 Myth 6: Brushing harder makes your teeth cleaner.
4:16 Myth 7: Charcoal toothpaste is better than regular toothpaste.
5:10 Myth 8: You have to get your wisdom teeth removed.
6:06 Myth 9: You should brush right after every meal.
6:53 Myth 10: Teeth grinding is not a serious problem.
7:48 Myth 11: Gum bleeding means you should stop flossing.
8:23 Myth 12: Aligners will straighten your teeth.
8:59 Myth 13: Toothaches always mean cavities.
9:40 Myth 14: Chewing gum is just as good as brushing.

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Dentists Debunk 14 Teeth Myths

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