Detroit | Going Old School for Tile and Molding: 3825

From This Old House.

In Russell Woods, Kevin finds Frank and Tamiko prepping the guest room walls. Their kids join in to begin painting. Kevin finds sod farmer Mike Thompson in the front yard, planting some low maintenance plants under the bay windows and laying sod across the rest of the front yard. Tommy repairs decorative crown molding in the living room by making his own template from a putty knife. Kevin and Contractor Josh Engle work together to install plumbing fixtures in the upstairs bathroom, starting with the toilet. Tommy and Frank work together to install a new interior door in an existing opening. Kevin finds tile installer Roger Dutcher giving the fireplace a much needed facelift, using handcrafted tile from a 100-year-old pottery only a few miles away. At the Rehabbed & Ready project, Darrick gives Kevin a tour of the nearly complete house. Once the carpet is installed on the 2nd floor, doors are re-hung and the paint is touched up, the house will be ready to go on the market.