Disney now FULLY controls Hulu – Will Disney have the ultimate streaming bundle?

From Reviews.org.

Disney owns … everything!! Disney just reached a deal to buy out the remaining shares in Hulu, currently owned by Comcast. With this deal, Disney now has full control over Hulu.

This doesn’t mean everything will change immediately, though: Disney has deals in place with both Comcast and AT&T (another former stakeholder in Hulu) to continue offering their content on Hulu. But that’s for the short term. What this means for content on Hulu in the long term is anyone’s guess.

Also relevant in the short term are the hints we’ve seen that Hulu will be offered in a bundle with both Disney+ and ESPN+, once Disney+ becomes available later this year. Is this finally a bundle we can really get behind? It’s been said that the bundle price will be lower than the price for all three services separately. Today we’ll run through a few possibilities of what that pricing may be. Frankly, it should get you excited for a Disney streaming bundle.


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