Do these scatter plots reveal fraudulent vote-switching in Michigan?

From Standup Mathematician.

Here is the Dr Shiva Ayyadurai video I am talking about:

This is my previous video on Benford’s Law:

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This is where the Kent County data comes from:

Here is the spreadsheet I show in the video with my plots:

Dr Shiva’s video title is "Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems." but the presentation within the video is called "Mathematics Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan".

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– At 00:32 do I say "date" here instead of "data"? I think I do. I meant "data".
– In hindsight I should have said one more "subtract the percentage of people who voted by party who voted Republican" at about 06:12. But my diagram points at the right bit so it should be clear.
– Let me know if you spot any more mistakes!

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