Doctors Debunk 13 Aging Myths


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0:00 Intro
0:28 Myth 1: It’s harder to learn new things as you get older.
1:01 Myth 2: How you age is predetermined by your genes.
1:31 Myth 3: It is inevitable that you will get dementia.
2:01 Myth 4: You shouldn’t exercise when you’re older because you’re prone to injury.
2:37 Myth 5: You don’t need as much sleep when you get older.
3:11 Myth 6: You’ll gain weight because your metabolism slows down.
3:40 Myth 7: People lose their sex drive as they age.
4:25 Myth 8: Getting old makes you grouchy.
5:20 Myth 9: You will lose your eyesight.
6:00 Myth 10: Your teeth fall out as you get older.
6:34 Myth 11: Aging means more medications.
7:44 Myth 12: Never smiling staves off wrinkles.
8:13 Myth 13: Eating fewer calories will extend your life.

Two geriatricians debunk 13 of the most common myths about aging. They explain the science behind smiling and what really causes wrinkles. They also debunk the idea that eating fewer calories will extend your life. In fact, it’s more about the types of calories than the quantity. And they mention how losing your sex drive isn’t a consequence of aging and what you should do if that happens.

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Doctors Debunk 13 Aging Myths

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