Doctors Debunk 15 Flu Myths


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Two doctors debunk 15 of the most common myths about the flu. They explain how long the flu vaccine will last for, and why you have to get the flu shot every year. They also explain the importance of getting the vaccine even if you are healthy, and how it could be even more important for people who are pregnant.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Myth 1: You can’t get the flu shot if you’re sick.
0:54 Myth 2: The flu vaccine gives you the flu.
1:20 Myth 3: It’s too late to get the flu shot.
1:43 Myth 4: You can’t get the flu after you’ve had a flu shot.
2:41 Myth 5: The flu vaccine is effective for a year.
2:59 Myth 6: The flu vaccine is 100% effective.
3:52 Myth 7: You shouldn’t get the flu shot while pregnant.
4:28 Myth 8: Healthy people don’t need a flu shot.
5:00 Myth 9: Antibiotics will treat a flu infection.
5:30 Myth 10: The flu is similar to a cold.
6:13 Myth 11: You can’t get the flu more than once a year.
6:52 Myth 12: You can’t spread the flu if you don’t have symptoms.
7:19 Myth 13: You don’t need a flu shot every year.
7:43 Myth 14: People who are allergic to eggs shouldn’t get the flu shot.
8:54 Myth 15: Taking vitamin C will prevent the flu.

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Doctors Debunk 15 Flu Myths

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