Does This “Magic” Broom Really Work?

From Freakin’ Reviews.

Today I’m testing out this "magic" broom that has been advertised heavily on social media. I’m also comparing it to the Furwell Pet Broom I reviewed in 2020. All of my tests are based on demonstrations in promotional videos circulating for products like this.

• Buy it:
• My Furwell Review:
• Furwell is no longer sold, but here is the nearly identical FURemover:

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0:00 Intro and Unboxing
1:07 Bringing back the Furwell
1:45 Coffee Test #1
3:00 Cleaning
3:12 Pet hair on carpet
4:40 Coffee Test #2
5:38 Shells Test
6:21 Soy Sauce Test
7:26 Window Test
10:03 Conclusion

Music by Epidemic Sound
"Nameless Steel" by Brookii

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